Pool Policies

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Pool Policies

Pool Guidelines 


Swimming Pool Dress Code


Bathing suits are required at all times for swimming. While lounging in the pool area, tee shirts, tank tops, and shorts and skirts of any length are permitted.

Not Acceptable:

No thongs


1. Conduct at the pool must be such as to furnish the greatest pleasure for the greatest number of Members and their Guests. 

The Club General Manager, Recreation Managers, Pool Supervisor on duty and the lifeguards are given full authority to enforce all swimming pool rules.

2. The pool will be open daily during the swimming season (hours will be seasonally adjusted) unless weather conditions require adjusted . The Club General Manager, Recreation Director, Pool Supervisor on duty, and lifeguards will have the right to close the pool as deemed necessary due to emergency situations, weather conditions, or maintenance.


4. No persons may enter the pool area except when the pool is open for use.

5. All Members and Guests must register with the attendant before entering the pool area. A guest fee will be charged for Sponsored Guests using the swimming pool area.

6. Upon registration, towels are available for daily use. Members and Guests are asked not to remove towels from the facilities. Used towels should be placed in the laundry receptacles found throughout the pool and locker room areas.

7. Members and Guests must comply with the Swim Dress Code and be dressed in appropriate bathing attire.

8. All persons should use the shower facilities before entering the pool and after the application of oils.

9. Children who are still in diapers and/or who may not be completely toilet trained are prohibited from all pools unless they are outfitted with protective swim diapers. Swim diapers should be covered with a swimsuit.

10. Children must be sixteen (16) years of age to use the lap pool. Fletcher Pool offers “Adult Only” swimming from 7AM through 10AM daily.

11. Children must be sixteen (16) years of age or older to use the hot tub.

12. A wading pool is provided for children ages five (5) and under. Parents are responsible for children in the wading pool. Protective swim diapers are mandatory.

13. Children under thirteen (13) years of age may not be left unattended in the pool area. Pool personnel are not responsible for extended child supervision.

14. Registration forms are available at the Membership desk for Nannies/Au Pairs accompanying dependents of Members in June, July and August. A Nanny/Au Pair must be registered to access use of the Club or charge to a Member’s account.

15. Adult swim will be conducted at Fletcher Pool between 7AM through 10AM daily. Persons must be 16 years or older to participate. Children under 16 must vacate the pool during this time.

16. Flotation devices such as floats, tubes or rafts are not allowed into the pool. Use of snorkels, fins, masks, kick boards, and small inflatable devices are permitted in the pool and at the discretion from the lifeguard.

17. Running, shoving, wrestling, dunking, towel-snapping, or unnecessary horseplay in the pool or the pool area is prohibited.

18. Absolutely no diving is allowed in the pool.

19. In case of emergency, the pool must be cleared immediately. Three whistle blows from a lifeguard signals an emergency.

20. For everyone’s health and safety, persons with skin disorders or other infectious diseases or conditions should not enter the pool area.

21. Food and drinks in glass containers are not permitted in the pool area.

22. Beverage coolers are not permitted in the pool area.

23. Smoking is not permitted in the pool area.

24 Animals are not permitted on the pool deck or in the pool.

25. Pool furniture shall not be removed from the pool area.

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