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Golf Course Update August 4, 2019
August 4th 2019 - Dear Members,

As many of you may be aware, the golf course has suffered several irrigation breaks that have resulted in heat related stress throughout the course.  Some areas are more severe than others, which we will address in the action steps below. 

The root cause of the problem lies with the T-joint breaks off the main lines that not only cause damage to the area of the break but also shuts down the irrigation system itself, preventing pump and motor damage.  This is not a pump or motor issue within the irrigation system, but rather the issue is within the joint fittings causing the extraordinary number of breaks that have taken place.
As a result of this issue, there have been many areas impacted causing scarring of the turf as well as effected areas from the repairs.  With high heat these past ten days, being able to place sod over the repairs has not been possible.  However, with the favorable forecast over the next week to ten days, the following will be able to take place.
  1. A Rain Bird technician has been on site already to refit and repair approximately 20 irrigation heads, as well as diagnose and re-establish communication upgrades for irrigation heads on holes 3, 10, 16, 17 & the 18th tee box. 
  2. Bent & Bluegrass Sod – with the cooler temperatures, sod will be able to be put in place of the repaired areas.  Those areas have been prepped already from the repairs thus expediting the process.  Expect most of this work to be completed by Tuesday morning.
  3. Aeration and seeding.  For the heat stressed areas on holes 5, 9, 11 & 12, front of 17 fairway and some of the other smaller locations, aeration and seeding will be implemented.  These areas will be closed off from cart traffic to quicken the recovery time and seed germination.
  4. Continued additional hand watering.   That practice will continue throughout the recovery time, especially mid to late afternoons with highest heat stress.
  5. Troon has also been in close contact for additional support with experts in the field to diagnose the issues and agronomic practices for recovery. 
  6. A consultant from the original course construction has also been called in to investigate with the manufacturer the situation with the lines. 
As a valued member, I wanted to update you of the situation and the agronomic practices in place to quicken the recovery.  Throughout the process, we have been in contact with the Advisory Board Golf representatives on the status of this situation.

Additionally, with our Regional Troon VP of Operations, Mr. Archie Cart, on site this week, we would welcome the opportunity to have a Golf meeting on Wednesday evening, 5PM at the Linx, to update you on the course and our expectations of the conditions for the balance of the season.

We hope to see you then!



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